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We all like to eat, and living well includes sharing meals with our friends and family. This section will restaurant news and recipes, and anything else related to buying or preparing foods and drinks.

Time to enjoy local produce! Find it at these local  Farmer's Markets and French Markets:

  • Any Day - Mayneland Farm Stand at Bauer & Mill St. in Naperville - See Hours and available produce
  • Winfield: Wednesday 7am - 1pm at County Farm and Geneva Rd. - Starts June 7, 2017
  • Wheaton French Market -Saturday 8am - 2 pm - Main and Liberty - April 14 -  Nov 11, 2017
  • Naperville Farmer's Market - Saturday 7am - noon at 5th Avenue Station 200 E. Fifth Ave., June 3 - Oct 28, 2017
  • Glen Ellyn French Market - Sunday 9 am - 1:30 pm - Glenwood parking lot at 460 Crescent Boulevard - starts June 4, 2017,
  • Geneva Farmer's Market - Thursday - 7:30 AM – 1 PM at the Exchange Street Parking Lot - June 15- Oct 19, 2017
  • Geneva French Market - Sundays 9AM-2PM - Metra parking Lot NW corner of  South Street and 4th Street  - April 16 - November 12, 2017
  • Batavia Farmer's Market -  Saturday  8am to noon - River St. between Wilson and State St -  June 3rd - October 28, 2017 - 3rd Saturdays features the Artisan Collective where you can shop local from artists and designers.

Join a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and get a basket (aka share) of locally grown produce every week or every other week. Some of the CSA's may be filling up, but there is probably still time. Here are a few:

  • Rustic Road Farm - pickup / sign up Saturdays at Wheaton French Market  - farm in Elburn
  • Green Earth Institute - sign up online - pickup  Tue/Friday in Naperville or Wed in Winfield, near County Farm and Jewel Rd. - farm in Naperville
  • Find more CSA's at Band of Farmers


Family Foods

I don't know about you, but I like having a convenient grocery store right here in Warrenville. This week, there is a flyer in the store thanking customers, and asking them to invite friends and neighbors to visit Family Foods. Apparently the store is trying hard to stay afloat and survive the competition of the big chain stores. If you don't use Family Foods regularly, here are some reasons that you might give it a try.

In the last 2 week, I have heard 3 unsolicited recommendations for Family Foods:

  1. A friend told me she held an Italian Beef taste test. She bought Italian Beef from several places and did a blind taste test. The Italian Beef from Family Foods came in 2nd, and was the least expensive. It is now her go-to for a quick dinner or family party.
  2. "Did you know Family Foods has a breakfast buffet on the weekends? We tried it an it was good." (4.99)
  3. "For just $1.10 you can get the best cup of coffee in Warrenville, hands down, at Family's just their plain old regular brew in the pump thermos of the restaurant section ...  a great compliment to the temptations of their great bakery." 

There are other reasons that I like Family Foods.

  • Convenient Time Saver - I can get there, shop, and get home quickly. The store is not too big, so I get thru  quickly, but it has everything I need for most shopping trips.
  • Liquor Department - There is an especially good selection of craft beers at competitive prices
  • NOW Foods Products - Another way to shop local. NOW Foods is based in Glendale Heights. They make vitamins, supplements, personal care, and health food products. Family Foods is one of the few stores in the area that sells NOW foods products (usually at Fruirful Yield).  In general, Family Foods keeps a selection healthy products. (aside - take the Now Foods factory tour to learn more)
  • Meet Friends while you shop- I often run into a friend or neighbor that I have not seen in awhile.
  • Bakery - Last time I ordered a cake, the staff was particularly helpful with decorating and making the cake just as I wanted.  Also a great place for seasonal treats like zeppole, pazcki, hot cross buns, etc. You can take home warm batard bread if you ask to have it baked fresh while you shop.
  • Meat Department - Freindly and helpful staff. If there's something you want, they'll get it for you. Every Thanksgiving, Family Foods features a delicious Houka Turkey
  • Lunch Buffet - An occasional treat - lots of good food for 7.99.

If you want to keep our local grocery story around, don't take it for granted. Shop at Family Foods!


Moeki - Superbowl

Tony Moeaki

It's our boy from Warrenville: Tony Moeaki!

Raised in Warrenville, he went to Johnson, Hubble and WWS:class of 2005. Want to learn more about Tony:

Other recent artices, about his new career on the Seattle Seahawks:

Tony's tweets: @tonymoeaki81

"Great team win! Only been here a month but these guys top to bottom have made me feel apart of the team from day 1. Love being a Seahawk"
"Wow speechless!!! Super Bowl bound"

Other Local Celebs

Two Naperville families will get their 10 seconds of fame when a McDonald's commercial is aired during the Superbowl.

The film crew was hiding at the McDonald's on 59 near Brookdale, as part of the new "Lovin' " campaign. The cashier gave customers a task to "pay with love", rather than money. The local families that made the final cut are the family group hug, and the mom that says what she loves about her son.

Watch the Superbowl in Warrenville

St Irene's Knights of Columbus Super Bowl Party & Raffle:  Sunday, Feb 1, 4pm in the Activity Center, $5 each available at the door. Entree fee covers food and non-alcoholic beverage (or bring your own). The Raffle is a major fundraiser for the St. Irene Knights of Columbus. $25 and $50 tickets for cash prizes ranging from $25-$500!

Angie V's: Join us February 1st to watch Super Bowl XLIX! Free halftime buffet, beer and wine specials and free raffle prizes including a pair of Chicago Bulls game tickets! See prizes and more on Angie V's facebook event

Rock Bottom: Half order of nachos and  a beer for $6.95

The only good thing about the Packers losing, is having a local Warrenville player to cheer for! Go SeaHawks! Go #88!

Can you believe that the Sweet Potato Cafe is celebrating their 1-year anniversary in Warrenville? I stopped by to chat with the owner of Sweet Potato Cafe, Cyndi Krause, and between the constant flow of customers, she said:

"We're happy to be in Warrenville. We had some big shoes to fill, and we're doing our best to  make sure our customers are 100% satisfied. November is going to be a special month of celebration for us."

Happy Birthday Sweet Potato Cafe: 4 Ways to Celebrate

Dave Esau of Dave's Specialty Foods

Don't miss Dave Esau at the Warrenville Public Library from 7-8 on Tuesday Sept 30, 2014.

Not only will he demonstrate food preparation techniques, Dave will entertain you and give you free food. I can't imagine a better combination.

Healthy Eating at the Library: Tue Sept 30, 2014

Home Grown Tomatoes

This year our garden produced a bumper crop of tomatoes. We were particularly busy, and lucky to pick them - no time for cooking. The home grown tomatoes are delicious, but you can only eat so many.  After giving away bags of tomatoes, there were LOTS left, and some were starting to go bad. How do you quickly use tomatoes before they go to waste?  Here are 3 ideas to quickly use lots of tomatoes. 

Too Many Tomatoes & Too Little Time: 3 Quick Ideas

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