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EarthDay400Happy Earth Day!

Keep reading to learn how to get rid of your unwanted "stuff" AND keep it out of the landfill. Or use these ideas in reverse to get items you could use .... and help someone else keep their stuff out of the landfill.  --- Masks required - Rules can be changing due to COVID, so calling ahead is always a good idea.

Sell It

To sell your "stuff",  list it on Facebook Marketplace. or the Warrenville Garage Sales and Exchange Facebook group. 

Meeting someone to make a transaction? Be safe. The Warrenville Police Station lobby is a safe internet transaction zone.

Donate It

Find a resale shop. Most resale shops take clothes, shoes, accessories, household goods, sports equipment, dishes, kitchen gadgets, toys, knick knacks, small working household appliances (NO big TV's or computer monitors, even if they work) Click links for hours and more detailed lists.

  • Discoveries Resale Shop and Furniture Annex in 2S507 Rt. 59 in Warrenville (next to Honeymilk Restaurant). Pickup can be scheduled for furniture. Benefits Warrenville Youth and Family Services.
  • ReStore for working appliances, light fixtures, and other building supplies. Nearest one is by Fox Valley (4100 Fox Valley Ctr Dr Aurora, IL 60504). A division of Habitat for Humanity.
  • Jubilee - A bigger furniture store than the Discoveries Annex - located at 730 E. North Ave. Carol Stream, IL 60188 - 630.784.2890 - Benefits Outreach Community Ministries
  • Freecycle- Join the Warrenville Group - post what you want to give away - "one person's trash is another person's treasure" - Use the website to arrangements for them to pick it up.  For a bigger audience, there are other Wheaton and Naperville groups too. You might be able to get rid of things you thought were garbage. . For example,  I got rid of landscape stones and logs (and they loaded them up), and old chair cushions. 

Recycle It

Upcoming Recycling Events in Warrenville

  • Warrenville Paper Shredding and Electronics Recycling Event - May 8.2021 from 9 am to noon Bower School ( 4S241 River Road ).  Limit 3 bankers boxes of paper to be shredded. Items accepted for electronics recycling include computers, laptops, servers, switches, modems, routers,, printers, copiers, fax machines, circuit boards, cords, wires, toys, small appliances, stereo equipment, office equipment, telephone systems, cell phones, games, and banking/financial/medical equipment. TV's, monitors, and larger items are accepted for a fee paid in advance - learn more on city website - go to the E-waste Solutions website for list of prices and larger items that are recycled for a fee.
  • Bike Rodeo - May 15, 2021 from 9-noon in City Hall Parking Lot. Donate Bikes in repairable condition to be fixed for use by those in need.

Ongoing Recycling / Reuse

Remember that most items items are made of natural resources. Find a way to re-use these materials, even if the item is no good for it's intended purpose (e.g. keys, small metal pieces, lawn chairs, books). Other things, you just need to find the right person that could use it (pens, blank paper, crayons, games, puzzles, yarn, glue, craft supplies, books, file folders, tools, lawn furniture .....). Here are places to consider:

  • Warrenville Public Library: Eye glasses (including sunglasses) for Lions club - in between doors at back entrace. Also paperback and jigsaw puzzle exchange downstairs..
  • Warrenville Park District - Bins at the back entrance for ink jet cartridges, old cell phones, gym shoes, eye glasses, plastic  / aluminum bottles. 
  • Warrenville City Hall - Batteries (alkaline, lithium, lithium-ion) - Collection bins at lower entrances. Keep the chemicals that leak out of batteries out of our water supply!
  • St. Irene's - Paper Recycling - includes outdated text books
  • Wheaton Public WorksSecond Saturday each month. 9-noon - small electronics, cooking oil, scrap metal and more (no TV's or hazardous waste).
  • SCARCE has BookRescue, Tools for Schools and Super Crayons projects - Tools for Schools is for any supplies that a teacher might use in a classroom, including any and all books, paper, pens, pencils & crayons, game pieces or groups of other small things for kids to count / manipulate, anything that could be used for craft projects, any office supplies, buttons, sewing machines, sewing supplies and more. See  Tools for Schools List. Also Book Rescue takes all books. Books for kids are distributed to teachers, for classroom use, and SCARCE finds homes for other books, or recycles those that are in bad shape. All Crayons (broken or not) are used by the Super Crayons project.
  • SCARCE  Recycles odds and ends  - Keys, flags, records, small metal pieces, cell phones, lights & cords (all year) - Click to see list
  • Food Panty in Immanual Church - non-perishables that you won't use (that are still good) - open Tuesday mornings
  • People's Resource Center in Wheaton - food, clothes, computers (critial need for working computers), books, baby items
  • Sharing Connections - Furniture and Household Items - they will pickup. They help people in crisis that need to setup a household. Also new cleaning supplies and personal care products.
  • Medical Equipment - Project CURE in Woodridge - 10305 Argonne Drive Suite 200 - Monday – Thursday:  9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Friday: 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
  • Paint - Oil Based Paints and stains can be taken to the Naperville Hazardous Waste Facility. Learn more about Latex paint on the SCARCE website. . Watch the Recycling Extravaganzas. Some include paint in the list of accepted items.
  • Bags - Resale shops including Discoveries in Warrenville re-uses shopping bags (paper or plasstic) that are in good shape. Tom's Market no longer takes plastic bags, but Kohls,  Target, and Jewel in West Chicago take them.
  • Tennis Shoes - Take them to the Nike store in the Aurora Premium Outlet Mall - Nike grinds them for playground surfaces so bring shoes worn our or with holes - limit might be 10 pairs (in one drop off).  If the shoes are wearable, they can go to a resale shop.
  • Bubble Wrap & Peanuts - UPS and other packaging stores (call first)
  • Hangers - return to cleaners (call first)
  • Electronics and more - Wheaton: Second Saturday each month. 9-noon at the Wheaton Public Works - small electronics, cooking oil, scrap metal and more. New!! Textiles (including clothes that have holes or stains, towels, sheets,etc) will be accepted for at Wheaton on the second Saturday event. (no TV's or hazardous waste)., and  Naperville Electronics Recycling - M-F, 7-3
  • Garden Tools - Also Tomato Cages, Gardening Books and Magazines, Hose Nozzles - Garden Works Project has a facility in West Chicago They help people with food insecurity create gardens.Learn more or make arrangements with the Garden Works Project

Find a Recycling Extravaganza!

These events, usually sponsored by a community or municipal group, provide a "drive-thru" recycling. Each event has its own list of items, and arranges for charties or commercial organizations to take the various items.  Find upcoming extravaganzas and read the flyer for the event or go to their webpage to get the details. ThereTypical items include:

  • Textiles
  • Scrap Metal
  • Eye Glasses (Lyons Club usually collects and distributes)
  • Electronics (Look Carefully! Usually electronics are considered to be anything with a battery or cord, but each event has different requirements. Old monitors and TVs may not be collected, or may be collected for a fee).
  • Old Bikes
  • Garden Tools
  • Medical Equipment
  • Books
  • Pet Supplies
  • American Flags
  • Many More - check your event listings

Hazardous Waste

Some things can't be recycled, and shouldn't go in the landfill.  These include old medicine, cleaning chemicals, oil based paints, and weed killers. We're lucky to have the Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) disposal site in Naperville that is open every weekend. Learn more at these websites:

  • Naperville Hazardous Waste Dropoff - Jefferson and Forthill (Not in the Fire Station Anymore). They made the drop-off bigger so cars can move thru more quickly - open Sat and Sunday mornings.
  • Medicine Disposal - Many police stations, including Warrenville Police Station, and the Naperville Hazardous Waste (HHW) provide at drop of for unneeded or expired medications. Dump all the pills into a ziplock bag - there is not enough room to store all the prescription containers. .Some Walgreens also have safe disposal boxes for prescription drugs. The closest ones are  612 RAYMOND DR, NAPERVILLE, IL 60563 or  227W171 GENEVA RD, WINFIELD, IL 60190,630-681-8482, 630-428-9171

Additional Resources

If you are looking for more information, check out these websites. It is illegal to put TV's into the landfill, it's difficult to find places to recycle them, and the information is always changing.

Want to support local authors and artists? Looking for a last minute gift idea? Here are a  few local shops where you might find just what you are looking for:

The Ghost of Jamie McVay by Ray Ziemer of Warrenville

The Ghost of Jamie McVay halfcoverJanuary

"...a ghost story of revenge and redemption that pulls you in from the opening sentence…”

Synopsis: Brian Krueger has a lot of problems: The death of his grandfather and his father’s alcoholism have led to hard times and a move to a new town, where his nearest neighbor is a pyromaniac and a bully. Brian runs to escape his troubles, but it’s on the Prairie Path that he encounters the ghost of Jamie McVay.

Brian and his new friend, Sharon, investigate the ghost’s origins. Clue by clue, secrets are revealed as the teens discover the truth behind Jamie McVay’s quest for redemption. Along the way they must deal with teen issues such as school, sports, friends and rivals. Brian also struggles to reconcile with his father, while facing the ever-dangerous Pete the Pyro.

Can Brian and Sharon prevent catastrophe on Halloween night? Will the ghost of Jamie McVay find peace for his unquiet soul?

Audience:This novel should appeal to Young Adult or general readers, especially locally, as the main scenes play out on the Prairie Path and in neighborhoods around the west suburbs.

Buy The Ghost of Jamie McVay

  • The Book Shop in Batavia
  • Harvey's Tales in Geneva
  • Townhouse Books of St. Charles
  • Barnes &

    For an autographed copy, contact the author at or on Facebook @raymondziemer.

The Lost Shoe by Judith and Colin Wilkie of Warrenville

The Lost ShoeSynopsis Ever see a shoe on the side of the road and wonder how it got there or searched your house for a missing shoe never to be found?

The Lost Shoe is a heartwarming tale that laces together the adventure of a Right Shoe that gets separated from his owner and Left Shoe. During his journey Right Shoe questions if he will ever be useful again. Experiencing a range of emotions from sadness to pure joy, Right Shoe continues to hope for the best. Feeling like a heel, he remembers there are some things in life that you have no control over so you should relax and go with the flow.

Right Shoe learns a priceless life lesson that everybody is unique and each person needs to embrace their distinctive qualities. Everyone can be useful in their own way if given a chance. With the help of a beachcomber, cat, puppy, and nurse, Right Shoe finds an unexpected special new owner, showing that determination can lead to a happy ending.

Join Right Shoe in an adventure of miss-steps taking him from the shoe store to a hospital and stops in-between, searching for his real sole and a new purpose in life. Although Right Shoe doesn't find his Left Shoe or former owner, he discovers through invaluable experiences that he can be happy and useful in a whole new way.

Audience: Children

Buy The Lost Shoe

  • Pinwheel Toys in Wheaton

Wanna Bet? by Betsy Dudak of Warrenville

wanna betSynopsis: After an abusive past, Harper McReynolds needs stability for herself and her daughters. Randall gives her all she asks for in a boyfriend—kindness, predictability, structure, and routine. Harper's head reminds her she doesn't really want the man who makes her combust every time she's near him.

Brody Reed's addiction claimed a brother's trust and started his own downward spiral. Growing tired of life on the road, a woman at every concert and a dependency on liquid courage, Brody put his life back together piece by broken piece. But the woman he lusts after may just shatter all of this.

An off-handed bet Brody and Harper make after a passionate kiss may change everything for them. Will they gamble on their hearts to prove to each other they are all in? Or when the stakes get too high, will they fold and walk away?

Genre: Romance

Buy Wanna Bet? 

This is Betsy's second book. The first one, " What the Heck, Dec" is also available.

Previous Versions of Shop Local - Buy a Book from a Local Author

Books from the local authors featured in previous years are probably still available as well.

Don't Be Surprised in the Voting Booth

VoteIf you take a look at your ballot now, you still have time before election day,  Nov. 6, 2018, to figure out how to vote. Take a look at the choices for local offices, they might impact your life more than those on the national stage.

I can’t attach your ballot, because even within Warrenville, there are multiple districts at every level of government – each with different boundaries. Just considering Warrenville voters, there are many ballot variations.

Follow the steps, just a few clicks, and enter your address and you'll have the ballot. These instructions are for anyone in DuPage county.

  1. Go to the Voter Information Page on the Dupage County website:
  2. Search By Address
    Click on the "Search by Address" tab
  3. Type your address. Note:the house number includes the numbers and letter (e.g. 28w530). The "Suffix" is your street type (e.g. Street, Road).  It has to match exactly -- for mine Ln works but not Lane. Click Search.
  4. Click to "View Ballot" link.

sample ballot link

On this page, you can also see your polling place, all your current elected officials, and what districts you are in.

Finding the ballot is the easy part. Now you have the harder job of deciding how to cast it. If you're still looking for information on that, I just learned of a website This site has a tab for each candidate on your ballot, along with links to learn their stances on many issues and a newsfeed of artices printed about them.  This is not an official ballot, and does not contain all the local items.

Besides the usual candidates, Warrenville ballots contain a referendum for Wheaton Warrenville School District 200 regarding the Early Childhood Education Center, and 3 propositions:

  • Shall DuPage County oppose the General Assembly instituting a property tax increase equivalent to 1% of your home’s value to help retire state debt?
  • Shall DuPage County oppose the creation of a statewide Vehicle Mileage Tax (VMT) which would tax DuPage County citizens based upon the number of miles driven annually?
  • Shall DuPage County continue to dissolve and consolidate units of local government to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and increase accountability? 

Happy Voting!

There's a great line-up of Fourth of July festivities right Here in Warrenville!

Monday July 3

Parade: "Fifty Golden Years"

The parade, lead by the esteemed parade marshalls Emily Larson and Fay Johnson,  kicks off from downtown Warrenville at 6pm. It will travel south on Warren Ave., then west on Warrenville Road, south on Curtis Ave and will disband at Woodland Rd. and Curtis Ave. Judges’ Stand at Curtis and Forestview

Cerny Park

  • 5 - 11 pm - Concessions Open
  • 6:30-8:30 PM Balloon Twisting: (Pavilion) & Ben’s Bubbles (Center Grass Area)
  • 7:30-11 PM Band: The New Odyssey performing with up to 30 different musical instruments.

Tuesday July 4

FireCracker 5K

The race starts at 8 am. Both the start and finish lines are in front of the Warrenville Park District. Even if you are not running, come out and cheer on your friends and neighbors. You can sign up until 7:30 am on race day at the Community Building.

Wellness Warriors

You might see people wearing blue Wellness Warrior shirts. This  group is improving their nutrition and life-style because they want live a long and happy life in a healthy community. This race is the first in-person meet-up of the group. Cheer them on, come to the booth, or join the group of Wellness Warriors.

Children's Parade

Decorate your bike for the kid's parade.

  • 11:45 AM Participants meet at St. Irene Church on Warren Ave. and Warrenville
  • Noon Start Parade travels south on Warren Av to Cerny Park.

Food, Music & Fun at Cerny Park

  • Noon - D. C. Karaoke under the pavilion. Continuing at various times until 7:30 PM
  • 12:30 Opening Flag Ceremony with the V.F.W. Rifle Squad Drill Team
  • 12:30-5:30 Children & Teen Activities: Face Painter, Balloon Twister, Unicycle Performer and Juggler
  • 12:30 - 1:30 Ozzie the Kane County Cougar Mascot visits 3rd Annual Cerny Series and Celebration
  • 1:00 - 3 PM Warrenville Park District Activities:
  • 1:00 PM Sack Races/Stacker Cups Relay
  • 1:15 PM Bubble Gum Blowing Contest
  • 1:30-2:30 PM 2 – Player Team Shooting Contest
  • 1:30 PM Hula Hoop Contest
  • 2:00 PM Water Fights Warrenville Fire Department with Neighboring Fire Departments
  • 2:00-4:00 PM Warrenville’s 8th Annual Horseshoe Contest visit the pits before
  • 2 PM. Ask for Greg or Tom 2:00-3:00 PM Free Bingo & Prizes under the pavilion sponsored by Warrenville Historical Society
  • 2:30-3:30 PM Pickle Ball Demo see the newest sensation for yourself!
  • 2:30-3:00 PM Double Identity Pop Rock Girl Power on the Main Stage
  • 3:30-4:00 PM Braze Warrenville’s Own Burning Up the Main Stage
  • 4:30-7:30 PM Face Painting (Pavilion) 5:00-6:30 PM Centerfold Chicagoland’s Great Roll & Roll on the Main Stage
  • 6:30-7:30 PM D. C. Karaoke under the pavilion
  • 7:30-9:15 PM Hi-Infidelity the Best in Classic Rock Music on the Main Stage

Fire Works

Flag Raising & National Anthem followed by SPECTACULAR FIREWORKS! This is the place to be!

Print or download a flyer of all the events on July 3 & 4 in Warrenville




Time to enjoy local produce! Find it at these local  Farmer's Markets and French Markets:

  • Any Day - Mayneland Farm Stand at Bauer & Mill St. in Naperville - See Hours and available produce
  • Winfield: Wednesday 7am - 1pm at County Farm and Geneva Rd. - Starts June 7, 2017
  • Wheaton French Market -Saturday 8am - 2 pm - Main and Liberty - April 14 -  Nov 11, 2017
  • Naperville Farmer's Market - Saturday 7am - noon at 5th Avenue Station 200 E. Fifth Ave., June 3 - Oct 28, 2017
  • Glen Ellyn French Market - Sunday 9 am - 1:30 pm - Glenwood parking lot at 460 Crescent Boulevard - starts June 4, 2017,
  • Geneva Farmer's Market - Thursday - 7:30 AM – 1 PM at the Exchange Street Parking Lot - June 15- Oct 19, 2017
  • Geneva French Market - Sundays 9AM-2PM - Metra parking Lot NW corner of  South Street and 4th Street  - April 16 - November 12, 2017
  • Batavia Farmer's Market -  Saturday  8am to noon - River St. between Wilson and State St -  June 3rd - October 28, 2017 - 3rd Saturdays features the Artisan Collective where you can shop local from artists and designers.

Join a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and get a basket (aka share) of locally grown produce every week or every other week. Some of the CSA's may be filling up, but there is probably still time. Here are a few:

  • Rustic Road Farm - pickup / sign up Saturdays at Wheaton French Market  - farm in Elburn
  • Green Earth Institute - sign up online - pickup  Tue/Friday in Naperville or Wed in Winfield, near County Farm and Jewel Rd. - farm in Naperville
  • Find more CSA's at Band of Farmers


Looking a last minute gift idea? A book to read? Find a book that supports a local author. There is something for everyone in this list: 4 authors with a dozen different books. All are written by local authors, many from Warrenville. There are links to purchase each book on Amazon. And if you don't find what you want here, check out the 2015 list of books by local authors.

Shop Local - Buy a Book from a Local Author - 2016 Edition

Women VietNam VeteransWhile we may be familiar with the role of female nurses in the Vietnam War, did you know that over 1200 other women also served as intelligence analysts, flight controllers, clerk-typists, translators, physical therapists, dietitians, communications specialists, photojournalists, finance clerks, and couriers? Come hear these stories and more, inspired by the time the authors spent in Viet Nam.

Warrenville VFW Post 8081 will host a book signing featuring two noted Vietnam veteran authors on Tuesday, November 15th, at 2:00 PM.  The Post Home is located at 3S371 Mignin Drive in Warrenville.  Attendees are invited to bring their own books for author signing.  Extra copies will be offered for sale by the authors at the signing.

Claire Starnes is on tour, traveling here from New Hampshire to promote her book, Women Vietnam Veterans: Our Untold Stories.  Joining her from Arizona will be Harlen Campbell, a writer of science fiction, mystery, and suspense novels which are nobly informed by his Army experiences.  His published titles include Monkey on a Chain, Jennifer's Weave, Sea of Deception, and PLENUM

Claire and Harlen both served in the same unit in Vietnam with former Warrenville Mayor Richard Volkmer.  All three worked together on editing and publishing the 12-page weekly MACV Observer tabloid newspaper, which had an in-country circulation of 110,00 and was printed by Stars & Stripes in Tokyo.  The 11-15-16 book-signing event was arranged in cooperation and with the support of VFW Post Commander Dan Leonard.


claire starnesClaire Starnes from the Maine town of Lewiston.  She enlisted in the Women's Army Corps in 1963 and trained at Fort McClellan, Alabama; and Fort Gordon, Georgia.  In her first five years, she was assigned to Fort MacArthur, California; Camp Zama, Japan; and Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  In 1969, she volunteered for Vietnam.

Over the years of the American war in Vietnam, an estimated 1,200 military staff and line officers and enlisted women served in country.  At the age of 23, Claire became one of them.  Initially assigned to the US Army Engineer Construction Agency-Vietnam at Long Binh, she transferred MACV (Military Assistance Command, Vietnam) in Tan Son Nhut to work on the MACV Observer, a weekly 12-page tabloid newspaper published by the Command Information Division.  There, she hired and trained a staff of Vietnamese Nationals to run a typesetting operation which ultimately supported more than 20 division publications.  Due to Claire's proficiency in the French language and Vietnam's history as a former French colony, she was often called upon to serve as a translator.

Following her Vietnam tour, Claire worked at the Public Information Office at Fort Monroe, Virginia, where she wed Edward C. Starnes, another Army journalist.  The couple both retired from the military in 1973, became civilian employees of the Army, and continued their distinguished careers in the public information service.

In 1999, Claire and Precilla Landry Wilkewitz, a former roommate at Long Binh, co-founded a non-profit organization called Vietnam Women Veterans, Inc. (VWV).  VWV’s purpose was to find all the female staff and line officers and enlisted women who had served in Vietnam throughout the war.  More than 700 (both living and deceased) were located that year, and VWV convened its first reunion conference in Olympia, Washington.

Throughout the years since then, Claire continued searching for her peers, researching and filling in the missing histories of how these women came to South Vietnam and what they did there.  From 1962 to 1973, this hardy group of Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy female personnel left its mark as intelligence analysts, flight controllers, clerk-typists, translators, physical therapists, dietitians, communications specialists, photojournalists, finance clerks, and couriers.

Then, in 2012, a team of some 20 collaborators finalized the search and compiled the information. This compilation of the women’s varied experiences resulted in the publication in 2015 of a comprehensive history, Women Vietnam Veterans: Our Untold Stories.  The book chronicles the participation of American military women (other than nurses) stationed in Vietnam during the war in detail.  Today’s military women serve in fields never previously imagined, thanks to the pioneering efforts and sacrifices of this little-known group of some 1,200 heretofore unsung women who served in every military branch.  The book took 17 years in the making. And now the world can learn about the accomplishments of these remarkable women.


harlen campbellHarlen Joseph Campbell served in Vietnam as a journalist at the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV), working as an editor on the 12-page weekly tabloid Observer newspaper.  He also served as a military radio disk jockey during a tour in Germany. 

He is a writer of science fiction, mystery, and suspense novels, which are nobly informed by his Army experiences, and lives in Cave Creek, Arizona, and Huntington Beach, California.  His interests lie in the nature of the individual's relationship to society and to the world, but he is willing to apologize if they show up in his writing.  In fact, he believes that a writer's primary obligation is to entertain, and that he should only be allowed to fool around with ideas if his readers don't notice what he's up to.

Campbell's first novel, Monkey on a Chain, was released by Doubleday in 1993. The book was introduced the Vietnam veteran character Rainbow Porter, who has been described as a "throwback to the outlaw/heroes of the old west."  In fact, Porter was inspired by a combination of John D. Macdonald's Travis McGee and television's Paladin character, with more than a touch of the pirate thrown in.  In addition to favorable reviews, Monkey was an alternate selection of the Book of the Month Club. It was also released as a trade paperback by Poisoned Pen Press of Scottsdale, AZ, and is available from the Poisoned Pen bookstore and website as well as Amazon.  Both Monkey and the sequel, Jennifer's Weave, are also available as audio books.

His latest novel, PLENUM, is an epic road novel where the road stretches from a fallen time ship deep in the last ice age to a critical meeting of the Polar Council in 7296 AD.

Campbell studied at New Mexico State University and has BA's in English and Journalism and an MA in English Literature.  Following his service as an Army journalist and a short stint teaching college English, he has focused exclusively on his writing career.  Although he admits to no hobbies and energetically avoids most forms of exercise, Campbell enjoys an occasional solitary walk . . . generally preferring beaches to mountains, warmth to cold, and indolence to industry.

Don't Be Surprised in the Voting Booth

VoteIf you take a look at your ballot now, you still have time before election day,  Nov. 8, 2016, to figure out how to vote on the more obscure offices and issues. These local representatives might impact your life more than those on the national stage.

I can’t attach your ballot, because even within Warrenville, there are multiple districts at every level of government – each with different boundaries. Hence, just for Warrenville voters, there are ballot variations.

Follow the steps, just a few clicks, and enter your address and you'll have the ballot.

  1. Go to the Voter Information Page on the Dupage County website:
  2. Search By Address
    Click on the Address Tab
  3. Type your address. Note:the house number includes the numbers and letter (e.g. 28w530). The "Suffix" is your street type (e.g. Street, Road).  It has to match exactly -- for mine Ln works but not Lane. Click Search.
  4. Click to "View Ballot" link.

sample ballot link

On this page, you can also see your polling place, all your current elected officials, and what districts you are in.

Finding the ballot is the easy part. Now you have the harder job of deciding how to cast it. If you're still looking for information on that, I just learned of a website This site has a tab for each candidate on your ballot, along with links to learn their stances on many issues and a newsfeed of artices printed about them. For my address, I also found information on the state-wide "Transportation Lockbox" ballot item, but did not find information on the local referendums (Mosquito Abatement issue for all of DuPage County, and Musselman Property development issue for Warrenville residents only).

Mosquito Abatement

Someone passed along information they received from the Warrenville City Attorney on the impacts of the Mosquito Abatement Issue.

1)     This is a non-binding (advisory) referendum question and will not change anything whether or not it passes.
2)     Regardless of the referendum outcome and any future actions by the Township’s efforts to consolidate mosquito abatement services, the township cannot provide that service within the incorporated City of Warrenville boundaries.
3)     The Township does not have jurisdiction for general services such as mosquito spraying within municipal boundaries. They may only serve the unincorporated areas.
4)     The Township would need specific state legislation giving it such authority, or some type of intergovernmental cooperative agreement specifically with the City of Warrenville, to provide mosquito abatement within the corporate limits of the City.
5)     The City Council has not changed its policy against mosquito spraying within the City and there are no plans or actions to change that direction.

Mussleman Property

There is an article about this ballot item on the last page of the latest Homewtown Happenings

Happy Voting!


I wish Warrenville had a gallery or an art store. As far as I know, it does not. One of the closest is Gallery 200 in West Chicago, just 10 minutes away.  If you are an artist looking for a place to display and possibly sell you work, consider Gallery 200. Gallery 200 is moving on Sept 1 to a new location that is bigger. That means there is room for more artists.

What is Gallery 200?

Gallery 200 is a gallery of over 20 artists in many types of media. It runs as a co-op under the umbrella of a non-profit called People Made Visible. People Made Visible coordinates projects in West Chicago, including music nights, Healthy West Chicago, a community garden project, and various cultural events. Gallery 200 is moving because the building where it is currently located is scheduled for major renovations. It is moving just a couple of blocks from 200 Main Street to 103 W. Washington in downtown West Chicago. The new location has much more space, that will be used for many of the People Made Visible projects.

How does the Gallery 200 Co-op Work?

  • Artists are juried in. They bring samples of your work & fill out an application.
  • Once accepted, each artist pays a nominal membership fee (annually in January, and prorated thru the year). If you join in September, the fee would be almost nothing.
  • Artists price and display their work at the gallery. 
  • Each artist is expected to staff the gallery 4 hours / month, and chooses the times they wish.
  • The gallery does not take a commission on sales, so the artist gets 100% of money collected.
  • Each month one of the artists is "featured". They hosts a bigger exhibit of their work, and kick it off with an opening reception. In October and December, there are group shows, where any of the Gallery 200 artists can join the show.

Stop By and Visit Gallery 200

Whether you want to join as an artist, or just check out the art, stop by Gallery 200 for a visit.

Hours:(reduced COVID hours)

  • Thur & Fri: 2-6pm
  • Sat & Sun: 10-2pm


  • After Sept 1, 2016: 103 W. Washington, West Chicago, IL


If anyone knows of an art gallery or store in Warrenville, please reply.  Want to start one?? Now that's in interesting idea! Let's hear what your ideas.


Warrenville offers the art, books, music, theatre and history to put a smile on your face. From the Warrenville Public Library, to the art work of Ivan Albright, there is a variety of art and cultural opportunities in Warrenville. Don't find what you want here, within an hour, you can find it in Chicago, or other neighboring suburbs. This section will feature cultural  and historic aspects of Warrenville, along with nearby excursions.

We all like to eat, and living well includes sharing meals with our friends and family. This section will restaurant news and recipes, and anything else related to buying or preparing foods and drinks.

In addition to our own parks,  Warrenville is surrounded by the green space provided by forest preserves and Fermilab, and Cantigy.  Studies show that spending time outdoors helps everyone live better.  This section will remind you of opportunities offered in our own backyards.

Download this file (FallFest2016Poster.pdf)FallFest2016Poster.pdf[Fall Fest in Warrenville - 2016]
This section features the neighborhoods and homes of Warrenville, and gives ideas to keep your home efficient, safe, and healthy.

If someone in Warrenville has a problem, others will help. Find volunteer opportunities on this page.

If you are part of an organization looking for volunteers, send an email to to enlist some help. Please specify volunteer details (time and place, jobs, number of volunteers needed) as well how to go about volunteering.

This section features the services provided by local businesses.  Although businesses want to make money, they are motivated to provide valuable services to local residents.  Business owners want to make your lives easier. This section will feature local businesses, and show how they can solve your problems or make your life easier.

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