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Are you looking a gift? A book to read? Find a book that supports a local author. There is something for everyone in this list: 5 authors with a dozen different books. All are written by local authors, many from Warrenville. These books are available online, and may also have local purchase options, as noted.

Witty & Romantic, But Not Just for Women

What’s The Heck, Dec by Elizabeth Dudak looks like a fun read with 5 star ratings on Amazon.

What The Heck, Dec by Elizabeth DudakMarti Karnawski is waiting in the front office of Noteah Middle School trying to land first her teaching position, not a man. Yet one casual glance at Declan Reed - the school’s droolicious social worker with bad boy looks and cocky attitude - and she can’t help but fall head over in heels in crush. The fact he returns her interest, despite the other woman on his arm, poses a problem. Marti spent a lifetime trying to forgive a philandering father and understanding a mother in constant denial. She will not be the other woman - not even for one Declan Reed. Now all she has to do is convince her heart. (photo & description from Amazon).

Purchase Online at Amazon: What the Heck, Dec, by Elizabeth Dudak

Give a Gift of History

Warrenville Comes of AgeLeone Schmidt, our local historian, has written 6 books about the history of Warrenville. In Warrenville Comes of Age, Schmidt captures the enchanting tale of our town during the second half of the twentieth century.  Whether you are a long-time resident looking for a walk down memory lane or a newcomer discovering the small-town charm of Warrenville, you will learn of the remarkable people, challenges, and successes that shaped the City. 

Her booksalong with prints of paintings by local artists, the Methodist Church ornament, items from the Warrenville Guild sale, and other historical items are available locally. Miss the mall crowds, and shop at the Warrenville Historical Society, (3S530 2nd St, Warrenville). Special arrangements for pickup can also be made. Contact info @

  • City of Warrenville ornaments are also available at Towne Tap.
  • Purchase Online: Warrenville Comes of Age, a Historian's Memoir by Leone Schmidt

History of the Warrenville Fire Department

Warrenville Fire Department 75h Anniversary BookTo mark the 75th anniversary of the Warrenville Fire Protection District. Dennis Rogers, our fire chief, has commorated the history of our fire department in the book "THE WARRENVILLE FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT 75th ANNIVERSARY (1939 THROUGH 2014): Firefighters-The Stirring Symbol of Man's Humanity."  It is the proud tale of American heroes that have had an amazing amount of training, and put their lives on the line for our protection.

Purchase it online, or at the Warrenville Historical Society (see above). Also available for checkout at the Warrenville Public Library.

Create Banners for Spendor in Worship

SplendorIn Worship by Natalie LombardSplendor in Worship is a hands-on guide to creating worship banners, from idea to installation. Natalie Lombard shares the tips and tricks that she was looking for when she started her career as a banner artist over 15 years ago. This book is both a beautiful coffee table book and practical instruction guide for pastors, worship leaders, and banner artists. Purchase the book, or a poster online or make arrangements to meet the author for local delivery at Prairie Path Books in Wheaton.

Action, Suspense Story of the Future

Melting Pont 2040 by Mike BushmanMelting Point 2040 and Secession 2041 by Mike Bushman are the first two stories in a trilogy of  polically oriented action-suspense stories about what will happen if America’s melting pot is allowed to reach its boiling point. The stories, set in 2040 and 2041, follow the intertwined lives of a wide range of characters. America's political systems has lead to internal divisions leading to segregated communities and technology has advanced. Life is not as we know it today. These engaging stories, of how the may future develop, given our current trends makes you think,  and makes you pay more attention to current events and advances in technology. At first read, it doesn't seem possible .... but maybe it is.

 Purchase: Details for these books, as well as Suicide Escape is at

If you know more local authors or artists, we can write a second edition. Send author or artist contact info to  Whether you buy a book or not, please consider sharing this page with your friends on facebook, email, or other social media. Happy Shopping!


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