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Warrenville Community Club

The Warrenville Community Club (WCC) started this past spring, with the mission to have fun while serving the community in Warrenville. It is an outgrowth of the Kiwanis Club that folded last year. The Kiwanis members wanted to continue volunteering, without the overhead of the formal Kiwanis organization. Andy Johnson, WCC organizer says:

 "The Warrenville Kiwanis were a dedicated group of neighbors who helped build parks and provide volunteers to help make Warrenville a better place. We all want to keep that spirit going via a completely volunteer centered dues, just volunteers."

Here's how WCC works:

The Warrenville Community Club provides volunteers to support other groups that hold events. The WCC is here to fill the gap when other organizations need more volunteers to make their events successful. For example, the WCC members volunteered for the river cleanup (Conservation Foundation), the Prairie Path clean up (City of Warrenville), and Summer Daze (Park District).

The only responsibility of WCC members is to consider potential volunteer opportunities, and sign up to volunteer when possible. That’s it – no strings attached.

Monthly Social Meeting

Two Brothers WarrenvilleTo keep it fun, there's a monthly social meeting. It's the second Wednesday of each month at 7pm at Two Brothers. This is a good time for community members to come to request volunteers, and for the WCC members to relax as they learn about upcoming volunteer needs.

Some order dinner, some a beer, and others just water. We get separate checks, so you don't need to worry about a big bill if you just come to visit.

Want to Get on the WCC Membership List?

There are 3 easy to join the WCC. Even if you never volunteer, you can meet the group at Two Brothers:

See you soon!

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