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Should Warrenville Annex to Naperville?

On January 26 the courts were supposed to decide if this question would be on the April 4 ballot. No luck, a continuance was requested. The decision is postponed until Feb. 8.  Connie Schmidt attended the initial press conference, and sent the following report:

Annex to Naperville Press Conference"Since the news broke that petitions were being circulated to annex Warrenville (and Lisle AND Woodridge) into the city of Naperville, I have been so very proud of the reactions of our mayor,  and the spirit of our citizens as seen in personal conversations as well as on social media.  The common statement has been, we love Warrenville, BECAUSE it is not Naperville.  I have been following this situation in a number of ways and attended the press conference with Mayor Brummel and the mayors from Woodridge, Lisle and Naperville.  It was Mayor Brummel who called the press conference and has taken the lead in connecting the communities for a united response.  It was Mayor Brummel and the city of Warrenville who prepared a written statement for the press which was available for attendees to read and follow during the event.  And it was Mayor Brummel who started off the press conference with a well crafted speech that this effort is indeed not being initiated by our residents and would not benefit our community.

One point which some of the news outlets are citing incorrectly is that some residents of Warrenville are trying to make this happen.  There is no evidence of this.  The petitions are being circulated by paid individuals who do not live in Warrenville, (some live in Chicago) by an attorney from Chicago, Frank Avila. It was stated that many of the 81 signatures from Warrenville did not appear to be valid.  Mayor Brummel and the other officials are stumped as to why this is being done, but do talk about the time and man/woman hours needed to refute this effort. Mayor Brummel and the mayors from Lisle and Woodridge filed objections to the petition today in DuPage County Circuit Court.

We in Warrenville can all be grateful for the forward thinking actions by our city government to “head this off at the pass” prior to having it on a ballot in April.  At the press conference we were told that a response from the Court on the challenges by the individual communities to these petitions will be determined by January 26…so stay tuned." submitted by Connie Schmidt

April 4 Election for Mayor and Alderman

The following contests will be on the April 4 Ballot:

Unopposed will be:

  • Bill Weider - Ward 2
  • Kathryn Davolos - Ward 3
  • Clare Barry - Ward 4

Republican Township Primary - Feb 28

Did you know there is an opportunity to vote on Feb. 28? This is an election to decide which Republican candidates will be on you April 4 ballot for the offices of:

  • Winfield Township Supervisor
  • Winfield Township Clerk
  • Winfield Township Trustee

Want to see the ballot? Get directions to find your DuPage County Ballot. My ballot looked like this.


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