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Will You Ask for a Democratic or Republican Ballot?

VoteThe upcoming election is a primary, so your ballot will not have all the candidates that you see in the commercials. You must choose which ballot you want to vote.

Looking up the ballots, there was one surprising issue on both ballots. This issue is, "Should the DuPage County Elections Commission be dissolved, and it's functions be consolidated  with the office of the Dupage County Clerk."  This question is on the Republican, Democratic, and the only item on the Non Partisan Ballot. It is probably on all ballots in DuPage County.

Candidate Forum for 14th Congressional District

Wondering who to vote for? Come meet the candidates

Most of Warrenville is in the the 14th Congressional District. The Republican candidate, (Randy Hultgren) is unopposed. Now you have the opportunity to choose which of 7 Democratic candidates will oppose him on the November ballot. Come meet these candidates:
D14 Candidate Forum: Sunday March 11 from 6-8 pm at Warrenville City Hall. 

Find Your Ballots

If you are in DuPage County, follow these steps to enter your address and you'll have the ballots. For this election there are Republican, Democrat, and Non-Partisan Ballots.

  1. Go to the Voter Information Page on the Dupage County website:
  2. Search By Address
    Click on the Address Tab
  3. Type your address. Note:the house number includes the numbers and letter (e.g. 28w530). The "Suffix" is your street type (e.g. Street, Road).  It has to match exactly -- for mine Ln works but not Lane. Click Search.
  4. Click to "View Ballot" links to get each ballot.

sample ballot link

On this page, you can also see your polling place, all your current elected officials, and what districts you are in.

It's good to look up your own ballot, but for this election, there are few local contests, so if you live in DuPage County Board District 6, and Congressional District 14, these may be your  sample ballots:

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