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Causeless Joy - A One Woman Play

From 01/17/20 7:30 pm until 01/17/20 9:00 pm
Categories: Arts

Join one woman & 14 characters for a night filled with loads of light, love and laughter!

After realizing that she is suffering from chronic discontent and motherhood-overload, Theresa takes a month-long hiatus, diving head-first into the vibrant culture, tradition and mystery of India. In the ancient world of Sanskrit and sandals, she discovers meditation and in practicing it, is introduced to four wacky and wild fairytale princesses, each of whom share their real stories from emotional turmoil and self-victimization, to true empowerment. In doing so, they provide a hilarious and heartfelt brand of tough love that takes her from self-loathing to causeless joy. You will laugh and cry your way to opening your own heart, as you see yourself mirrored in Theresa's honest and authentic performance.

Contact: Theresa Puskar 630-272-1805

January 3rd to February 1st, 2020 - Every Friday and Saturday night @ 7:30 pm
60 min. (Q&A afterwards)

Location, Cost and Ticket Info

Trinity Lutheran Church, 3S460 Curtis Avenue, Warrenville, IL 60555
Purchase tickets for $20/$15 students & seniors. To order, go to

 What they say:

★★★★ Alex Miller, NY Critic (New York Times, Washington Post, Guardian, Forbes, All About Solo) "Ms. Puskar embarks on a journey to find herself in the midst of chaos, and conveys a universal lesson from which we can all benefit…The true beauty of this play is in Ms. Puskar's journey from her stressful but privileged world to a land of far greater problems. I would compare her story to a stage adaptation of 'Eat, Pray, Love'...Ms. Puskar has impressive acting skills and great respect for other cultures."

★★★★★ Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros, LA Critic (NoHoArtsDistrict)   “Theresa Puskar's rather wonderful solo play Causeless Joy actually turns out to be a perfect illustration of the term. Theresa’s beautifully written and performed play is a journey of how she came to find her joy and is presented to us in pivotal moments from her life - all very specific and very funny, heartfelt and truthful.  She shares herself and her life frankly and without fear, even tough times and bad decisions that all of us have experienced at one time or another and few of us are proud of...The result of all this candor is a wonderfully warm and inspiring tale of how one woman went from sad and lost to joyful and found. This is a lovely piece of writing, fluid and shining and utterly relatable. It’s so wonderful hear from someone who understand that the world is vast and our souls are too, and sometimes we have to go far, far away to find our own fairytale ending."

★★★★★ Kasia Szumal, Editor (Conscious Community Magazine, Chicago) “From Revolution to Evolution!  This is a funny, witty show that will touch not only your heart, but also your soul.” 

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